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Watch your hack - manual against hackers Daniël Verlaan

This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers 👨‍💻 helped create this guide.

Watch Your Hack doesn’t guarantee complete and total safety. Such a thing doesn’t exist on the internet. You can, however, make life as difficult as possible for hackers and viruses by using these tips.

Now, before we start: don’t go cowering behind your computer. The chances of a hacker targeting you in particular are very slim. Most dangers stem from the fact that many people lack general knowledge about the internet and computers, which can be exploited. So let’s get you up to speed with the most important information. 👍

Lecture Daniel Verlaan

Daniël Verlaan is comming to the UT on Wednesday March 9, at 14.00 hrs., to give a lecture in the Vrijhof. We will soon be back with a new promotion so that you have a chance to win his book 'I know your password' and free tickets for this lecture.

Daniël Verlaan (1989) is one of the most important tech journalists of the moment. He works for RTL Nieuws. Last year he received the Loep, the prize for the best investigative journalism, and the Tegel, the most important journalistic prize in the Netherlands.


Are you worried your ex might have invaded your Facebook account? That your computer is being held hostage by ransomware? Or that hackers are pillaging your bank account?

Contents: what are hackers . the basics . computers . phones & tablets . social media . chatting & phone calls . advanced . closing notes

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Watch you Hack

This expansive manual was created with the help of six professional hackers: Maarten van DantzigRik van DuijnMelvin LammertsLoran KloezeSanne Maasakkers and Sijmen Ruwhof. The wonderful illustrations are made by Laura Kölker. Copy editor Marcel Vroegrijk made sure that everything reads well. The original Dutch version of Watch Your Hack was lovingly translated into English by Kevin Shuttleworth and, once again, edited by Marcel Vroegrijk.


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