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Use of Zoom partially allowed for educational purposes

The Executive Board decided that using Zoom will from now on be allowed at the UT in case Canvas conferences and MS Teams are lacking functionality, and only for non-confidential purposes. Examples when Zoom is allowed are lectures with more than 300 participants, or when the use of breakout sessions is needed.

Last week LISA noticed problems with Canvas conferences, which is currently the preferred tool for online education. Problems with Canvas conferences occur when groups exceed 300 participants, something that didn’t happen prior to the summer period. At this moment, MS Teams and Bluejeans are no alternative because they lack specific functionality.

Zoom was initially not allowed at the UT because of issues with privacy and security. In the meantime, the main issues have been resolved although some security concerns remain. Zoom is working hard to also resolve those issues.

For the moment, Zoom support is based on best effort. Canvas conferences and MS Teams remain the preferred solutions and are proven technology for smaller settings (Canvas <100 participants, MS Teams <300 participants).

Requests about using Zoom can be made via the Servicedesk ICT,