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Honours Programme

The Bachelor Honours programme is an extracurricular broadening programme of 30 EC in which ambitious and motivated students are challenged to enrich their knowledge, skills, attitude, cooperations, and experiences outside their own discipline. The programme starts every year in February and is open to the top 10% of students. Students can partake in the selection procedure to ensure they can manage the programme next to their bachelor programme. The programme is open to all studies, meaning students from different disciplines can study and work together in the Honours programme. 

A Creative Technology Experience

Minka is a third-year Creative Technology student, who wanted to learn some more in addition to the standard Creative Technology curriculum. She chose the track of philosophy and shows how it helps her in her bachelor study as well. 

In the honours programme, you learn and work together in a small group with people from very different backgrounds and bachelors, in a track of your own choice. It's very fit to combine with CreaTe if you desire an extra challenge.

For me, the honours programme offered some of the depth I missed in Creative Technology. Even though the honours programme was less practical than CreaTe, I can still see and apply what I learned in my daily life.

Minka Geelen, student
“When going into a project, my first question no longer is "How do I solve this?"”

Besides knowledge, depth and an extra challenge, the honours programme has helped me change my way of thinking. When going into a project, my first question is no longer "how do I solve this?" But instead, why is this a problem? Should this problem be solved? Why should it be solved? Should it be solved using technology? Who should solve it? More often than not, there is not one answer to these questions. They are still worth philosophizing about.