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Fighting loneliness among elderly via remote co-design Graduation Project

23/05/2020 GP ProjectEvery year, two groups of students graduate from Creative Technology by completing their graduation project. The Creative Technology graduation projects are very diverse but have one thing in common: they look at important high tech human touch problems and come up with innovative and creative solutions. One of the graduation projects of the past year is looking at a reoccuring social problem amond elderly: 

Elderly couples that are separated by hospitalisation are impacted as their routine gets disrupted. This fact, together with the consequences of loneliness, results in increased spouse mortality. It raises the question of how co-design on a distance can help create a technology that increases the feeling of connectedness between an elderly couple of which one person is hospitalized.

Creative Technology bachelor students Sefora Tunç, Floortje van der Geest en Maxim de Leeuw took on this interesting project in which they show that the combination of happy eating and bringing together people on routinely based moments plays a huge role in decreasing loneliness among hospitalised elderly couples.

If you want to read a more about this graduation project, you can find information here and here!