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"Most Entrepreneurial Student Award 2020" - Lefika Otisitswe

Lefika Otisitswe is the co-founder at IMPULSE, a sustainable focussed company "striving for a carbon neutral future".  The company was founded during Lefika's time in the Creative Technology program which taught him to appreciate the business side of things. IMPULSE provides organizations with a cost-effective and visible CSR strategy through their carbon compensation and reduction service. 

Lefika has been busy in the last couple of years, and hard work is rewarded. This time it was with the "Most Entrepreneurial Student Award 2020" from the Student Union of the University of Twente.  Read Lefika's experience below: 

"It was just another regular day when I checked my mail and was confronted by the header which read “(IMPORTANT) You have been nominated for the more than a degree award!” I wondered if it was a joke or maybe a scam but it turned out to be real. I was both amazed and shocked but felt a deep sense of joy as my work with my startup Impulse was being recognised. Impulse was founded with a mission to give consumers into their carbon footprint by showing the true price of the goods they purchase. Seeing that I was nominated for such an award it shows the appreciation people have for impulse and sustainable entrepreneurship as a whole.

The entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one. Being a CreaTe student I learnt to appreciate the business module and just the program as a whole as it teaches you how to apply your knowledge to make impactful solutions for a better tomorrow. Winning prizes like this helps awards the hard work and motivates me to keep going a strive for a more informed society in regards to their carbon footprint."