Citizen Science Conference

20 november 2020 | citizen science conference
Let’s go together: Shaping Citizen Science in The Netherlands

We look back on a successful Citizen Science conference, thanks to all attendees, speakers and other contibutors. Have you missed it, or do you want to see certain parts of the day again?

By organising this event, the UT wants to join forces with all those that are interested or involved in Citizen Science. Let's go together to make more impact with Citizen Science! 

Strengthening ties between science, education and society is one of the major topics in University of Twente's new strategy Shaping2030. And there are many ways to achieve this, with citizen science being one of them. The term citizen science refers to an equal basis for collaboration in tackling societal challenges using scientific methods.

A quick guide

Shaping Expert Group Citizen Science: Kick-off

From the Shaping2030 strategy, six so-called Shaping Expert Groups have been formed: teams of experts from various fields that will boost developments within the organisation. They will be connecting initiatives, share knowledge within the organisation and support new projects to arise. 

Students, researchers and employees at UT joined the Shaping Expert Group Citizen Science Kick-off. This online event (11-12 A.M.) was all about sharing the next steps, and gathering input to do this together.

Citizen Science Conference

For all those interested from UT from outside, we offered an inspiring and interactive online programme (1-3 P.M.) . National and International keynote speakers gave a talk about Challenges and Impact with regard to Citizen Science. After these presentations we asked the participants to think along and participate in a live poll. This afternoon programme was hosted by DesignLab - a collaborative ecosystem where science and society are connected by design.

Launching UT's Citizen Science Hub

The University of Twente (UT) embraces Open Science, and Citizen Science as an important part of it. In doing so, we link to a growing movement in academia, where Citizens Science is gaining ground. An important part of UT's strategy is to build a Citizen Science Hub, to connect our knowledge and research community with the rest of the world. DesignLab functions as a sandbox environment for this, promoting interaction between researchers, students and end-users. The UT Citizen Science Hub was launched during the conference.

Involved partners