Study Skills

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A few practical tips on how to stay focused on your study/work:

  • Structure is key

    Following the usual structure of the day is very important. Watch the clip to find out how to structure your day to be more productive. You can also use online tools, such as Microsoft To-Do to work in a more structured way.

  • Seperate your privat time and working time

    For most people, it is comfortable to work in an office (or another place that’s not home) to complete the work there and then return home. This helps us to separate our work from our private life. Try to implement this into your current situation. If possible, create a healthy workplace in your home and only work from here. Don’t do any other activities at this ‘home-office’ and prevent RSI/CANS complaints. Besides this, try to check work-related messages and emails only during working times and your private messages and emails in your private time.   

  • Time-management techniques

    Use time-management techniques, such as the Pomodoro technique, to work more efficiently and stay more focused on your tasks.

  • Get rid of distractions

    To do this, you first of all have to find out what distracts you most. If it is your phone or if you have the tendency to check other websites, while working on your laptop, try to restrict yourself from doing so. You can use tools like Cold Turkey to block social media and other websites for a set amount of time, so you can not be distracted by them. Besides this, make sure your desk and the room you are working in are cleaned up. Use noise-cancelling headphones when you are working. Use full-screen when you are working.

  • Overcoming procrastination

    Procrastinating certain tasks is quite normal human behaviour, everyone procrastinates. Sometimes, procrastinating can become problematic and can have negative consequences. You can use the online workbook about overcoming procrastination.

  • Helpful modules

    There are helpful modules to be found on the online learning platform GoodHabitz such as ‘Time Management’, ‘Stick to the Plan’ and ‘Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind’. Access to GoodHabitz via the link: Choose University of Twente and login with your UT-student account. 

  • Accept

    Accept the fact that for most people it is not possible to function as effectively as usual. For many of us, circumstances are far from ideal and of course, this influences your daily life and therefore your study or work as well. Don’t set the bar too high for yourself, but be realistic about the amount of work you can do.