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Adapting to Online Studying

Adapting to Online Studying

For support on accepting and adapting generally, SACC have collated and developed a wealth of  resources for support with coping during COVID-19, including advice on how to stay focused on your work. This page is about supporting other aspects of study whilst working from home.

Developing online learning strategies

We have experienced a sudden change in the way we engage with our studies, which requires us to adapt the way we learn.

Usually, the primary focus of going to university is to learn about a certain topic or field in order to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for advancing: our understanding of the world, our career, or the field itself.

A secondary focus is learning how to learn; both generally and within our discipline. This involves experimentation, discussion with peers, supervision from academic and support staff, and reflection. Central and faculty-based skills teams support this development, but it is often a personal journey.

When the method of teaching and learning undergoes a sudden change, the issue of ‘how we learn’ becomes a primary focus. This can take some getting used to, but there are resources out there to help us adapt, so that we can continue to fully engage with our studies.

Learn from each other

As we adapt to learning online we develop strategies for doing so effectively, whether intentionally or not. Everyone develops different strategies, so why not pool our resources and share tips?
Skills Lab has set up an online Padlet discussion wall for you to ask questions and share tips with each other about the following aspects of studying online;

  • Canvas conferences
  • Group work
  • Presenting
  • Exams
  • Time management
  • Writing

Attend online skills workshops

Skills Lab workshops and Writing Centre appointment have moved online, and we have added a workshop on Online Presenting Skills

Attend online one-to-one appointments

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