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SUTQ is the follow up of the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO), and fits in a policy of continuous development for teachers. In this attachment the background and principles of SUTQ are described, and here you can read more about SUTQ and the HR policy.

Core of SUTQ

The teacher does a project to improve and/or innovate (the own) education practice

For one and half year during 160 hours the participant works on an educational theme together with colleagues from the same or other departments. Within this time frame the participant determines his own personal learning path and execute his own individual subproject. During this period the participant receives supervision, advice and expertise in order to gather the necessary information and answers. 

The first 2 pilot rounds in 2017 and 2018 resulted in a wide and interesting variety of chosen SUTQ topics. In this booklet you will find information about the projects and experiences of the 2017-2018 SUTQ graduates. The booklet with information of the 2018-2019 SUTQ graduates will follow soon. 

For whom?

SUTQ is designed for experienced teachers who achieved their UTQ (or exemption) and have the ambition to improve the/their education. Read more about target group & conditions for participation.

Application & SUTQ process 2019

The next SUTQ trajectory starts in November 2019. In November a kick off day will be organized. During and after the kick off participants will work in a small group to explore their theme* and to design the individual project. From February 2020 till February 2021 participants have the time to execute their own project. After February 2021 the participants will reflect as a group on their results of the individual projects framed within the theme and prepare for the ceremony, which will be probably in April 2021. 

*Educational themes for next cohort:

  • Student Driven Learning
  • Assessment for learning (e.g. peer feedback)
  • Elective educational theme

In the application form you have to indicate on what theme you would like to work on. An elective theme is possible only when: more participants would like to focus on the same theme, the theme fits within the policy of our university and for this theme support can be guarenteed. 

Specific information about the planning and application is available in September 2019. In case you are interested in a SUTQ or you want to share ideas about the SUTQ, please contact the coordinator of this trajectory.

program and Support

The program we offer is based on a Student Driven way (the participant as director of it's own learning process). Nevertheless there are also some supporting facilities:

  • SUTQ coach (an educationalist of the CELT department) 
  • Intervision meetings with peers
  • Sessions with focus on community building
  • ERD workshops: Educational Research and Design workshops
  • Inspiration seminars about the educational themes 

Contact & information

SUTQ coordinator: Martine ten Voorde,

During March 2019 - July 2019: Maria van de Blij,