SUTQ is the follow up of the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO), and fits in a policy of continuous development for teachers. In this attachment the background and principles of SUTQ are described, and here you can read more about SUTQ and the HR policy.

Core of SUTQ

The teacher does a project to improve and/or innovate (the own) education practice

For one and half year during 160 hours the participant works on an educational theme together with colleagues from the same or other departments. Within this time frame the participant determines his own personal learning path and execute his own individual subproject. During this period the participant receives supervision, advice and expertise in order to gather the necessary information and answers. 

The first 2 pilot rounds in 2017 and 2018 resulted in a wide and interesting variety of chosen SUTQ topics. Below you find the 2 brochures (2017-2018 and 2018-2019) with end products and experiences of all the SUTQ participants so far.  

For whom?

SUTQ is designed for experienced teachers who achieved their UTQ (or exemption) and have the ambition to improve the/their education. Read more about target group & conditions for participation.


The third SUTQ trajectory starts Monday November 11,  2019 and will end in March 2021. The SUTQ is organized around 2 or more educational themes: 1) Student Driven Learning, 2) Assessment for learning and 3) elective educational theme. In the application form you have to indicate what theme you would like to work on. An elective theme is possible only when more participants would like to focus on the same theme, the theme fits within the policy of our university and for this theme support can be guaranteed. 

Within the theme you have to describe the educational question/ educational topic you would like to adress in your individual SUTQ project. The results of the project should contribute to improvement of a module, the programme or education at the UT.   We recommend to choose a project which has an innovative character. 

During and after the kick off day you will work in a small group with participants who chose the same theme to explore the theme and to design your individual project. The execution of the individual project needs to take place between February 2020 & February 2021. Before the execution of your individual project starts your project plan worksheet will be evaluated with a go/no go decision, based on the systematic approach and feasibility. After the execution of your individual project the theme group will reflect on their results of the individual projects framed within the theme and prepare for the ceremony, which will be in March 2021.

A CELT coach and your peers will guide you through the process. Also a few events are organized for you. Some are mandatory to attend, others are highly recommended.

Mandatory events (see the schedule for the dates)

·         The kick off day with an introduction of the trajectory, getting to know each other, an introduction in the themes and start working on your plan of approach.

·         Educational research and design workshops (ERD) to support the exploration of the theme more in depth and the designing and executing of your project and the preparation for the ceremony.

·         The ceremony where all SUTQ participants present their results in an attractive and inspiring day for the university.

Other events

·         Writing sessions and feedback sessions. To work on your own process with support of your coach and peers.

·         Seminars related to the educational themes proposed by the SUTQ candidates

Overview dates

November 11

9.00 - 19.30

Kick off day

December 11

15.45 - 20.00

ERD Workshop 1. Topic: literature

January 15

15.45 - 20.00

ERD worskhop 2. Topic: project design

June 10

15.45 - 20.00

ERD workshop 3. Topic: edit project and evaluate process

January 2021

15.45 - 20.00

ERD workshop 4. Topic: reflection & preparation for the ceremony

March 2021

to be scheduled

Ceremony with workshops and presentations of SUTQ participants

Application 2019

If you are interested in the SUTQ trajectory you can apply by downloading the application form below and send to Martine ten Voorde ( before October 14. On October 22 you receive information concerning your selection for the SUTQ program this year. 

Contact & information

SUTQ coordinator: Martine ten Voorde,