With pleasure we can announce that the first SUTQ generation of the University of Twente will start in May 2016!
SUTQ is the follow up of the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO), and fits in a policy of continuous development for teachers. In this attachment the background and principles of SUTQ are described, and here you can read more about SUTQ and the HR policy.

Core of SUTQ

The teacher does research to improvement/innovation of (the own) education practice
Designs innovative education within the area of the (own) education practice.

For about one year during 160 hrs the participant works on a (-individual-) educational question. The participant determines his own personal learning path. During this period the participant receives supervision, advice, expertise etc in order to gather the necessary information and answers. In the links below you can read more about the SUTQ competence, criteria and deliverables.

For whom?

SUTQ is designed for experienced teachers (> 5 years experience), who achieved their UTQ (or exemption), have the ambition to improve the/their education and are nominated by their (or most obvious) program director. The SUTQ application procedure therefore runs through the program director.
Read more about target group & conditions for participation.

The SUTQ Project

After the application via the program director the SUTQ intake interview is the first step in the SUTQ process. Next, the participant determines his education question, which is the core of the SUTQ project. This (complex) education question which lies within the (own) education practice. Read more about the education question.

Subsequently the participant writes a SUTQ proposal with support of his supervisor in which he elaborates on the chosen topic, research question (="education question"), his time schedule, needed facilities etc. Check here for the requirements of the proposal 
Click here for the proposal format.   

In this flow diagram you'll find the visualization of the SUTQ steps & procedure.

about the SUTQ pilot

Because currently SUTQ is in a pilot phase, we will start with 16 participants from different faculties, during one year. 
Opt for a SUTQ goes through the own (or most obvious) program director. Read more about the SUTQ pilot.

The SUTQ is developed in close cooperation and consultation with several stakeholders; the target group (UT teachers), program directors, deans, rector, HR and educationalists.
Organizing departments are CEE and CELT. 

Contact & information

SUTQ coordinator: Marije Hahnen, m.e.hahnen@utwente.nl