See Binding Recommendation (BSA)

Hearing Binding Recommendation (BSA)

At least eight days in advance to the date on which the hearing takes place you will receive the definite binding recommendation by the board of the programme. When you think that you have wrongfully received a negative binding recommendation, there is an opportunity to be heard by the board of the programme.

To clarify: this year, the hearing has not been planned yet. The committee consists of two programme directors (OLD). You will be given 30 minutes to tell your story the way you want to. You can bring someone along if you want to, although this person cannot speak on your behalf. The committee will ask informative questions if they feel the need to, but will not in any way reward value to your story during the hearing.

The deadline for applying lies within 5 days after the intended negative binding recommendation is awarded.  You can apply for this hearing by sending an e-mail to