See Binding Recommendation (BSA)

Are personal circumstances taken into consideration?

Special circumstances will be taken into consideration when the final recommendation is drawn up by the programme director of the CE programme. If you suspect that your studies will be delayed due to personal circumstances, it is important to inform your adviser or the study adviser of this as soon as possible. The objective is, of course, to limit delays as much as possible. A decision is also made whether it is necessary to submit a request to the Personal Circumstances Committee of the UT for assessment of the personal circumstances. The committee assesses the validity and the seriousness of the circumstances and reports its finding to the programme director. Personal circumstances that will be taken into consideration in the binding recommendation are:

  • Illness, disability
  • Special family circumstances
  • Pregnancy/childbirth
  • Membership of the University Council, the Faculty Council or the Programme Committee
  • Top athlete or an administrative role of category 3 according to FOBOS

It is important to inform the department (adviser/study adviser) in advance about your personal circumstances, rather than after taking the exams.