See Binding Recommendation (BSA)

How does the binding recommendation work in practice?


As soon as possible after the end of the first quarter (Block 1A), but no later than the end of the calendar year, you will receive a preliminary recommendation. If you failed the module, the preliminary recommendation will be negative, which means that you are in danger of failing the standard for the binding recommendation. You will be invited for an interview with your adviser or study adviser to discuss whether the programme is suitable for you and to evaluate your study method. As soon as possible after the end of the second quarter (Block 1A), but no late than 1 March, you will receive a second preliminary recommendation. If this second recommendation is negative, you will be invited for an interview with your adviser or study adviser.


At the end of the first academic year (no later than 31 August), you will receive the final (binding) recommendation. Prior to the binding recommendation, the student has the right to be heard. An appeal against a negative recommendation must be submitted in writing to the Board of Appeal for Examinations within 6 weeks after the date of the recommendation.

Binding recommendation hearing

No later than 8 days before the date of the hearing, you will receive the intended final binding recommendation from the programme board. If you think that the negative binding recommendation is ill-founded, you are given the opportunity to be heard by the programme board.

You will be informed of the date and time of the hearing. Some additional information: The board consists of 2 programme directors. You will have max. 30 minutes to explain your point of view. You can bring another person, but this person cannot speak for you. The board may ask questions, but will not comment on your point of view during the meeting. 

You can sign up for the hearing by sending an e-mail to the study adviser.