After completion of the bachelor’s programme Civil Engineering, you can proceed with the following Civil Engineering master’s programmes:

A degree from the bachelor programme Civil Engineering also gives you (conditional) access to other master’s programmes. The transition matrix shows which master’s programmes are available after completion of the bachelor’s programme.

How to enrol for a master’s programme

Transfer to the CEM/CME master’s programmes

  • Prior to the new academic year, you need to enrol in Studielink for the master programme of your choice. Note that this only applies in the case you have graduated before the September 1st / February 1st. For continuing the bachelor programme Civil Engineering, you need to follow the re-enrol procedure in Studielink.
  • Once you have formally completed all parts of the bachelor’s programme and all grades are in the system, BOZ Educational Support Office will contact you by e-mail. They will enquire which master’s programme you want to do.
  • Once BOZ Educational Support Office knows the master’s programme of your choice, arrangements will be made with CSA to convert your enrolment for the CE bachelor’s programme to the chosen CEM/CME master’s programme.
  • The next step is to enrol for the Blackboard Organization "Master CEM/CME". This is where all communications for the programme are placed.
  • On the first day of the academic year, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your chosen profile and the planning of the subjects with the track coordinator. More information on the profiles can be found on the website of the CEM and CME programmes.

Transfer to other UT master’s programmes (with/without premaster)

  • Students who, after their CE bachelor’s programme, continue their education with another (pre)master’s programme at the UT, also need to re-enrol for the CE bachelor’s programme and inform BOZ Educational Support Office of the master’s programme of their choice. If it concerns a premaster’s programme, they must also contact the (premaster) coordinator of that programme. You can read this information on the website of Student Services.

Transfer to other master’s programmes (non-UT)

  • Students who, after completing their bachelor’s programme, wish to attend a master’s programme outside the UT, must enrol for the relevant university/programme in Study Link.

More information about (re)enrolment is available on the website of Student Services. This is also where you can ask any questions on (re)enrolment.