ITC International Hotel

The apartments at ITC Hotel are only available for visa students (NON-EER) and for PhD researchers with both a visa and scholarship.

About the ITC International Hotel

The ITC International Hotel is located in the city centre of Enschede, approximately 20 minutes from the UT campus by bike or public transportation. The shops, market, post-office, and railway station are within walking distance. The fully-furnished rooms with balcony have a private bathroom and shared kitchen facilities.

These living spaces include extras such as a television, telephone for internal calls, safe, fan, toiletries upon arrival (e.g. shower gel, shampoo), private refrigerator as well as a wired internet connection. A network cable is available to loan for free and there is WiFi available throughout the whole building. Renting a room in the ITC International Hotel includes exclusive access to all hotel facilities available, such as 24/7 reception service, weekly linen changes, weekly room cleaning service and laundry self-service. Please see this map for the exact location of the accommodation in the city centre.

All rooms available are listed on Roomspot

In addition to UT students, PhD students with a scholarship can book a room in the ITC International Hotel. If you want to book for only a few nights, you can do so for the commercial price. Hotel rules are applicable for all guests, including students and employees.

Housing for ITC students is arranged by the ITC faculty.

Accommodation offered

Bed and living room all in 1 room


The rent is based on a daily rate due to the hotel-based nature of the accommodation.
For room rates we refer you to the ITC website.

  • Inventory list
    • bed
    • mattress
    • pillow
    • duvet
    • duvet cover
    • fitted sheet
    • pillowcase
    • bed light
    • towel
    • tea towel
    • writing desk
    • desk chair
    • desk lamp
    • refrigerator
    • bulletin board
    • chair
    • litter basket
    • bookcase
    • fan
    • wardrobe
    • television