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Extracurricular Activities

If you are looking for more challenge, sociability, or variation of activities during your study, this page provides a list of possible activities. Participating in extracurricular activities will give you valuable experience and will look good on your CV. Below, you will find a list of activities you can undertake. 

extra courses

If you are registered at one of the educational centres (universities) in the Netherlands, you have the right to follow extra courses. If you want to follow extra courses within your own study or of another UT study, you could contact the study advisor to discuss the possibilities. If you wish to follow courses at a different institution, you could consult

honours programme

The honours programme is for exceptionally talented and motivated students. It is open to top students from all UT studies, and contains a 30 EC programme, which is to be completed in one and a half years. If you are interested in this intellectual addition to your study, visit the honours website

excellence stream (mathematics)

The Excellence stream is a mathematical programme with a high level of abstraction. It is intended to deepen your mathematical level. The Excellence stream offers a complete parallel programme for mathematical courses in your Bachelor’s programme. The best (and motivated) students of various technical Bachelor programmes (approx. 10%) qualify for the Excellence programme. For more information, visit the Excellence website or ask the study advisor

Activism within the Mechanical engineering study

Within every study at the University of Twente, there are opportunities for activism. For instance, you can take on a function on the board of the study association, or join one of its committees. Visit study association Isaac Newton for more information. 

activism at the ut

Aside from your study, you can also become an active member of other associations, such as sports or culture associations. It is possible to apply for functions on boards or committees within all these different associations. You can often choose whether you want to be active for a long or short period of time. For more information, you could go to the following umbrella organisations: Student Union., Apollo (culture), Sportkoepel (sports). 

Sports centre

The Sports Centre site contains additional information on the 38 sports associations, facilities, courses, trainings, and sports events the UT has to offer. 

Culture centre

Everything you need to know about (theatrical) performances, cultural courses, expositions, art library, and cultural associations, you can find at the Vrijhof Culture Centre

social associations

Although all associations are social places, having fun and making friends is the core of the social associations. You can also become active within one of the social associations in Enschede. For more information, visit the Fact site (only Dutch) or the Student Union site

international ambitions

If you have ambitions to go abroad during your study, you could visit AEISEC or the Erasmus Student Network Twente . More options are also listed on this website on the Studying Abroad page.

more information

More information can be found on the website of the UT Centre for Educational Support