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MSc ME Profiles

Within the master Mechanical Engineering are three competence profiles. In contrast to most other ME programmes where the tracks or profiles are discipline oriented (e.g. Fluid Structure Interaction, Solid Mechanics, Engineering Materials) the profiles at the University of Twente are aimed at the person. The main engineering skills being Research, Design and Organization are the base for the three profiles.

Research & development (r&d)

The profile Research & Development (R&D) is for those who are curiosity driven and like to solve problems by exploring new paths, improve state of the art technology and want to be an expert in a multi-disciplinary team. The courses you follow are fundamental courses that provide information on theoretical aspects of the matter necessary to analyze products and processes. Additionally they provide tools to develop and optimize these products and processes.

design & construction (d&c)

The profile Design & Construction (D&C) typically is for persons who are creatively driven and like to realize solutions for technical problems, apply, understand and extend state of the art design and analysis tools, find out, and understand how a product is/can be manufactured, convert abstract ideas (theories) in workable solutions and want to be an integrator in a multi-disciplinary team. The courses you follow focus on design of products and processes at different levels (micro / macro) and in different disciplines.

Organisation & management (o&m)

The profile Organisation & Management (O&M) is for persons who are result driven and like to realize something, organize a process such that different parts form a complete system and work together, take initiative, be front runner and a leader in a multi-disciplinary team. The courses you follow treat themes in the field of organization and management of processes like, logistics, factory layout, product routing and maintenance of products, machines and constructions.

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