After finishing your bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, there are several options on how to proceed. On this page, you will find the main master degree possibilities the UT offers you. Also, you can find information on international double degree programmes. 

what master programmes can you enroll in

With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, there are multiple master degree options open for you. You have automatic entry to the Master of Science programmes in Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Sustainable Energy Technology (SET). For more information on the other possibilities, you could utilise the bachelor to master transfer matrix.

Master programmes: me or set

Graduates of the Bachelor’s programme in Mechanical Engineering have automatic entry to the Master of Science programmes in Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Sustainable Energy Technology (SET). Please consult the respective master programme websites for more information and information on general admission requirements.

In order to plan the master programmes in an optimal way, please submit this master preference form to give us an indication of student preferences. Note that you are free to change your choice or ask for help in finding your preferenced programme. 

MSC Me: Choosing a profile and specialisation

If you choose the MSc ME, you fill follow a programme that will prepare you for your future profession based on one of three competency profiles. You will have the freedom to compose your own programme with a clear focus on one competence profile and one specialization. You will choose 25 credits of competence profile courses: 20 in electives within your chosen profile and 5 from another profile. For your specialization, you will take core courses worth 15-20 credits and in-depth courses up to a maximum of 10 credits. You will also complete your graduation project (40 credits) within your specialization. Your internship (15-20 credits) does not have to be in your specialization, but does require the approval of your supervising professor.

For a more information on the courses offered, see the MSc Mechanical Engineering programme structure.


For more information on profiles within the MSc ME programme, visit the profiles page or take a look at the files listed below (these are the sign-up files in which you will indicate which courses you are going to follow in the chosen profile):

  • Research & Development
  • Design & Construction
  • Organisation & Management


You will also have to choose a specialisation. Each specialisation corresponds with a research department. For more information on each specialisation, visit the pages listed here:

double degree

If you are interested in completing a double master programme, there are two options for you. It is possible to follow both the Mechanical Engingeering and Aeronautics masters programme at ITA, or a double Mechanical Engineering programme at KAIST. These are both two year international programmes where the University of Twente works in association with Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica and KAIST. If you are interested in this, please click here for more information.