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Within the master Mechanical Engineering are three competence profiles. In contrast to most other ME programmes where the tracks are discipline oriented (e.g. Fluid Structure Interaction, Solid Mechanics, Engineering Materials) the tracks at the University of Twente are aimed at the person. The main engineering skills being Research, Design and Organization are the base for the three competence profiles. On this page, you will find registration forms that you can use to indicate which course profile you wish to choose, as well as links to more information on each profile. 

REgistration forms  

You will have the freedom to compose your own programme with a clear focus on one competence profile and one specialization. However, this programme has to be approved by the professor responsible for education within your specialization.
You will choose 25 credits of competence profile courses: 20 in electives within your chosen profile and 5 from another profile. (O&M students take two electives (10 credits) from the other profiles.)
For your specialization, you will take core courses worth 15-20 credits. You will also complete your graduation project (40-45 credits) within your specialization. Your internship (15-20 credits) does not have to be in your specialization, but does require the approval of your supervising professor.
Using the files listed below, you can indicate what your chosen profile is, and the courses you wish to enrol in:

Note: When you open the file for your profile, you have to choose the right tab for your specialization. In case you have to complete pre-Master courses mention them at the bottom of the registration sheet under "additional subjects"

Note: Students with a bachelor's degree from outside the UT must choose their courses for the 1st quarter in the first week of the academic year

Note: This form has to be signed by yourself and the professor responsible for education within your specialization. After that, it has to be handed in at Bureau of Educational Affairs (BOZ). BOZ will take care of the signature from the programme director.

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