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Announcement: New BMS Research Theme Chair Learning

We are delighted to introduce Andrea Kottmann as the new Research Theme Chair for Learning. As Theme Chair, Andrea will continue to work with a viable research community connected to the Learning theme through a shared vision, knowledge sharing, supporting young researchers, and stimulating interdisciplinary consortium building. In addition, she will contribute towards better visibility of the Learning theme and explore opportunities for collaboration with external stakeholders, support the Faculty Board in the allocation of strategic research funding, and contribute to UT-wide research theme development. On top of that, special focus will be directed towards further strengthening of the interdisciplinary connection between Learning and other research themes and the research departments and sections.

Andrea stated: ‘I see the special feature of Research Theme Learning in focussing on the ubiquitous nature of learning by highlighting that current social and technological transformations challenge individuals, organisations, and societal stakeholders to develop creative approaches to cope with the change. This makes learning a permanent task permeating all societal areas. Interdisciplinary co-operation and the use of a wide range of scientific methods and data are of great importance in researching this understanding of learning. This will ensure that besides individual and collective learning processes also factors that promote or hinder the quality of learning, equitable access to education and knowledge, and flexible and individualised forms of learning are identified.’ 

The Faculty Board is very happy that Andrea takes on this new role and wishes her every success. With the appointment, all five Research Themes are represented again and the Learning theme in particular. As a reminder to all researchers within BMS: The Strategic Research Fund to support consortium grant writing activities is still open for applications, please see here for more details.