New platforms for open-access publishing

Research funder NWO collaborated with two open-access platforms that we’d like to inform you about: Europe PMC for researchers and for academic journals.

Europe PMC

On April 1st, NWO and ZonMw will become members of Europe PMC (PubMed Central), an open-access platform with a worldwide collection of abstracts, full articles, preprints and patents in the field of medical and life sciences. NWO and ZonMw will join the other 31 Europe PMC funders that present publications resulting from their funded research on the platform, as well as their open-access policy, grants, and dashboard. The platform also offers the Grant Finder tool that lets you browse over 82,000 biomedical research grants that were awarded by the Europe PMC funders.

If your research was funded by NWO of ZonMw, then you can share your resulting publications on Europe PMC. As such, you will meet your funder’s requirement of making your publications openly accessible immediately.

NWO and ZonMw will soon inform researchers and other stakeholders about how to use the services of Europe PMC.

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This open-access platform for academic journals launched on January 29th. Journals that are published in the Netherlands can use this easy-to-access platform to publish open access. The platform offers a full system for open-source publishing and submission, and uses a diamond-publishing model. This means that authors will not face publication costs.

The platform is funded with sustainable and transparent funds, and currently includes seven academic journals in the field of social sciences and humanities. The intention is to raise this number to at least 40 journals within the next three years.

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