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NWO CALL: ECCM/MVI Top-Up NWO Call invites social sciences and humanities researchers to team up with tenure track researchers from the natural sciences

Many tenure track researchers in the Netherlands do not have enough access or a network with alfa and gamma scientists. Sometimes their research has a strong fundamental beta origin which makes a connection with alfa and gamma scientists not easy to make. This NWO call invites researchers from the social sciences and humanities to team up with tenure track researchers from the natural sciences, appointed through the ECCM call, to jointly submit proposals that will give shape to the societal components of research into ECCM. 

The new ECCM MVI top-up call has two priorities: the collaboration of tenure track researchers from the natural sciences with researchers from the social sciences and humanities, and the connection of the ECCM tenure track research with Responsible Innovation research. This key enabling technology allows electrical energy to be stored in chemical compounds, such as hydrogen. To ensure that these ECCM research tracks lead to socially responsible innovations, NWO has decided to integrate these research tracks with MVI research. The approach that NWO has developed for research into the societal aspects of technological and other innovations. For an explanation of the MVI approach:

Who can apply
The principal applicants (tenure track researchers) of research tracks awarded funding in the ECCM Tenure Track call can submit an application. Applications may be submitted on behalf of interdisciplinary consortia. Expertise from the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences are required to be deployed in an integrated manner within this consortium.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for all domains is 11 February 2021.

The assessment committee evaluates whether the applications fit within the objectives of this call. 
The assessment criteria are as follows:

  • Scientific quality of the application (50%)
  • MVI approach (50%)


Applications accepted for processing will be assessed by the assessment committee. No external referees will be used to assess the applications. The assessment committee will draw up a provisional assessment. The principal applicants will receive the written assessment and will have an opportunity to respond (rebuttal) during the interview that the assessment committee holds with all main and co-applicants. 

Based on the applications, provisional assessments and rebuttal, the assessment committee will make a final assessment. Based on this final assessment and the corresponding scores, the applications are ranked. Based on this ranking, applications can be considered for funding.

Based on the assessment committee’s recommendation and the available budget, the Board of NWO Domain Science will decide which of the submitted applications to grant or reject. The portfolio holder of the NWO Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Domain Board will be involved in this discussion.