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BMS Faculty board presents Call: BMS Signature PhD positions

we invite you* to apply for a BMS Signature PhD position. BMS Signature PhD positions are a result of the midterm evaluation of the BMS under steαm initiative. The positions are funded with internal means to speed up the transition to a truly integrated social sciences & Technology Faculty.  

*BMS staff: PostDoc, UD, UHD, Professor

The initiative consists of 2 rounds (one in 2019-2020 and one in 2020-2021) of 4-6 4yr PhD positions each. An essential factor is that a concrete candidate needs to be available for the project.

Application conditions

  1. The proposed research project is clearly grounded in at least one of the 5 research themes; it is innovative & groundbreaking.
  2. The project supervisors offer a unique combination of co-supervision, with a strong preference for new collaborations.
  3. The project has a demonstrable link with technology and the BMSLab.
  4. A concrete candidate is available and explicated in the proposal. Her or his CV is attached to the proposal.
  5. A promotor and co-supervisor(s) are available and explicated in the proposal; co-supervisors need to have a PhD (Please note that TGS does not allow more than 3 formal supervisors on the project).
  6. The promotor and at least 1 co-supervisor have a regular appointment (formele aanstelling) at the BMS Faculty during the entire PhD project or have a clear prospect of this (to be substantiated by the department head).
  7. The proposed candidate is available to give a short pitch about the research project on 9 or 17 October 2019.
  8. If selected, the PhD project will start no later than 1 January 2020.
  9. Co-funding (in cash) from outside BMS is a pre; the co-funding partner and amount of co-funding needs to be explicated in the proposal.
  10. Per BMS supervisor, a maximum of one project will be awarded across the two grant rounds; co-funding (in cash) may allow for an extension.

Submission procedure

For the 1st round, the application deadline is 15 September 2019 and you can send your application form to the chair of the most fitting theme for your proposal (each proposal can be submitted to 1 theme only), who will be in charge of selecting a maximum of 3 most promising and innovative project ideas. The theme chairs are:

·       Health: Lisette van Gemert (

·       Resilience: Jan Maarten Schraagen (

·       Learning: Maaike Endedijk (

·       Smart Industry: Tanya Bondarouk (

·       Emerging Technologies & Societal Transformations: Peter-Paul Verbeek ( cc

The selected candidates (max 15) will be invited to pitch their project to the Faculty board/management on 9 or 17 October. After the pitches of the candidates, the Faculty Board will decide before 1 November which projects will receive funding. The Faculty Board will look for a balanced constellation of projects, but the chosen projects are not necessarily evenly distributed across themes.

For the 2nd round the application deadline will be 1 September 2020, and the same procedure as above will further apply.

For questions on the conditions and procedures you can contact Melanie Braamhaar (Grants & project Coordinator BMS)

Wishing you lots of inspiration and a wonderful summer,

On behalf of the Faculty Board,

Ellen Giebels, Portfolio holder Research