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BMSLab offers new facilities! Facial Expression Analysis (FEA) and eye tracking-in-VR available in BMS Lab

Facial Expression Analysis (FEA) 

Next to studying human behavior and responses to stimuli using physiological sensors and eye tracking, it is now possible to research facial expressions, responses and micro-expressions using the AFFDEX and FACET algorithms. They can be studied individually or they can be combined, also with subjective survey responses.

The FEA module provides 20 facial expression measures (action units), 7 core emotions (joy, anger, fear, disgust, contempt, sadness, and surprise), facial landmarks, and behavioral indices such as head orientation and attention. These output measures provide probability values to represent the likelihood that the expected emotion is being expressed. Summary scores of engagement and valence are also provided, giving you an overview of the overall expressed response. Analysis can be done on-line and posthoc.

More info or make an appointment. Support from vendor is available.

Eyetracking in VR

Starting December, we have available a Varjo eyetracking-capable VR headset ( and some Rift S sets.  


From December onwards, a Hololens 2 Augmented Reality kit is available for projects.

Embr Wave Bracelet

Using this bracelet, subjects can be heated up and cooled down. Also available from December onwards. 


From November, the ExperiVan mobile research lab is available again for field research. It has heating. Contact us for more information.

Usage of facilities

Lab rooms, EperiVan, iMotions and Observer are available for both students and staff through our reservation system ( 

Varjo headset, AR and Embr are available for usage in the BMS Lab labs. Sign up through our reservation system ( Development and support from our engineers is available (80 hours limit) for BMS clients, or need be funded otherwise. Other VR sets available include mobile and fixed sets (Oculus Rift S/Quest/Go, HTC Vive). They are available for lending, usage in ManouVR, and the mobile lab ExperiVan. Be sure that ethical approval is arranged.