Informed Consent Procedure

Participants, or their legal representatives, must be given ample opportunity to understand the nature, purpose and anticipated consequences of research participation, so that they will be able to give informed consent to the extent to which they are capable of doing so.

Specifically, the information provided in advance addresses (where applicable):

  • the voluntariness of participation;
  • the nature and purpose of the investigation, including if the data collection is meant only for training purposes
  • any reasonably foreseeable factors regarding the nature, purpose and duration of the research that may influence participants’ willingness to participate (such as extent of strain, potential risks, and discomfort)
  • the right to decline to participate and withdraw from the research at any time, without any negative consequences, and without providing any reasons;
  • any recording of voices and images (where applicable);
  • confidentiality protection and the limitations thereof;
  • procedures for incidental findings (where applicable);
  • additional insurance guarantees (where applicable);
  • period of time to which the consent applies;
  • time and nature of data storage
  • re-use of specified data in the current, future or other research;
  • incentives for participation;
  • names and details of the responsible researcher and contact person(s) for questions about the research and rights of research participants;

There are some more points to consider in the informed consent procedure, see the Code of Ethics for Research in the Social and Behavioural Sciences involving Human participants [Update of the document available soon]

Informed Consent forms:
Here you can find a standard informed consent form in both English as in Dutch. It is an example, which can be used as a template for your own, customized version. Before signing the informed consent form, participants needs to be provided with sufficiently detailed information on the study so that they can make an informed, voluntary and rational decision to participate.