Dr. R.P.A. (Raymond) Loohuis, MBA

Raymond LoohuisDr. R.P.A. (Raymond) Loohuis, MBA
Office: RA 2276
T: +31 (0)53 489 4694
F: +31 (0)53 489 2159


A great deal of my interest in science is derived from my early experience in business practices. Prior to my current career at the University, I held various management positions in marketing and sales in the European steel, automotive and aviation industry for German as well as Dutch companies. On the basis of these positions, I acquired several business skills such as in managing innovations with multiple parties, contract negotiation, marketing research, value assessment, re-positioning, relationship management, conflict resolution, new business development and strategy formulation and implementation in ongoing (inter) organizational practices. Privileged by these experiences, I am capable of establishing links between business practice and scientific concepts and thereby contribute to the production of both scientific and practical applicable knowledge in key domains of business administration.


  • Strategic change, formation and implementation in organizations and inter-organizational arrangements (alliances, joint ventures, innovation clusters) in both profit and non-profit settings.
  • Technology development and path creation from a network perspective.
  • Understanding customer value from a ‘value-in-use’ perspective including the consequences for marketing strategy and value proposition for both profit and non-profit organizations.


  • Recent projects: longitudinal ethnographic and in-depth qualitative research in industrial networks (business relationships) and in non-profits in the agricultural sector
  • Future projects: ethnographic and action-research on strategy emergence and change (Strategy-as-Practice) in profit organizations (high and low-tech) as well as policy development and implementation in non-profits (i.e. health care, agricultural) or governmental organizations.


  • Coordinator and lecturer of the course Strategy & Marketing for Pre-masters and minor (dep. ESIM)
  • Lecturer and coordinator of the marketing game in the course Strategy, Marketing, and Economics for 2nd year International bachelor of business administration students (dep. ESIM)
  • Lecturer in Strategic and Responsible Foresight an elective course in the 2nd year IBA program (dep. STEPS)
  • Supervision of the research projects of bachelor and master candidates who are interested in doing research in the aforementioned research domains
  • Lecturing and training on the topics innovation & marketing management and strategy at private business schools in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
  • Coaching entrepreneurs in market and customer development