Entrepreneurship & Technology Management

The ETM section of the HBE department aims to achieve societal impact by facilitating the entrepreneurial journey - from idea to end-user - through education, research and outreach activities. At a people-first university of technology, we are uniquely positioned to achieve this mission. In all our activities, we aim to combine a rigorous scientific approach with clear relevance for practice, which can be characterised as engaged scholarship and interdisciplinary challenge-based learning. Together with our partners, we play a vital role in the University of Twente entrepreneurial ecosystem, the 4TU/ECIU network, the EUREGIO and the Dutch higher education landscape.

Our education is offered at all levels, from bachelor students in International Business Administration and Creative Technology to executive master students in Risk Management and PhD students in Business Administration. Additionally, we are active in university-wide minors, dedicated executive certificate programmes such as Innovation for SMEs, and tailor-made in-company programs. Our research is usually executed in collaboration with societal partners and (co-)funded by such partners and/or national or EU competitive grant schemes. It has led, among others, to publications in leading management journals, such as Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Marketing Research, Production & Operations Management, and Research Policy. Next to involving our partners and students in our education and research, our outreach consists of regularly organising practitioner workshops, giving invited speeches, and ETM proudly hosting the European Laboratory of Innovative Purchasing & Supply (EL-IPS).

The research efforts of ETM are concentrated in four main areas:
Resilient Supply Networks: Safe and secure societies require supply networks that can withstand disruptions and unexpected events
Regional Ecosystem Development: Due to global competition, inclusive economic growth requires local businesses and their stakeholders to collaborate and innovate within their regions
Enterprise & Society: Social and environmental challenges are both a threat and an opportunity for contemporary business due to changing societal expectations that demand looking beyond short-term financial performance
Hightech Transformation of Industry: New technologies play a crucial role in addressing societal challenges and transforming industries; yet, how to ensure such technologies are being used well?