About EL-IPS

EL-IPS is an interdisciplinary procurement research and education laboratory that aims to reframe the research agenda.

Sustainability issues, ongoing digitalisation, due-diligence regulations, and ageing populations are significant challenges that public and private organisations face in interacting with suppliers in the value chain. It is essential to understand the mechanisms in the buyer-supplier relationships.

EL-IPS at the University of Twente is a unique multi-faculty initiative that unites over thirty Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM) researchers in (1) manufacturing purchasing, (2) public health and (3) public procurement, and (4) public works project procurement of the University of Twente. EL-IPS is involved in multiple European projects and project applications.

EL-IPS aims to foster synergies between private and public fields and raise their research and education to the next level. As the world’s largest academic procurement research centre, EL-IPS engages in many professional, research and education activities in different domains, such as manufacturing, infrastructure, and public and health sectors – with integration and synergies across sector boundaries. Centred on a shared procurement development agenda, EL-IPS aims to establish regional networks and connect multinational companies (MNCs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public entities in the Twente region and other regions, nationally and internationally.

By building bridges and fostering synergies, EL-IPS aims to further develop PSM in research and practice.