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4TU Entrepreneurship Education Research

Entrepreneurship researchers and educators from the 4TU (the four Dutch Technical Universities Twente, Wageningen, Eindhoven and Delft) met in May 2018 to kick off a joint research initiative on entrepreneurship education. “The goal of our initiative is to join forces in our research on entrepreneurship education – we share ideas, and jointly execute research”, says Rainer Harms (  from the University Twente. “We are driven by academic curiosity as well as our drive to improve entrepreneurship education at the 4TU and elsewhere – and want do to that based on solid evidence”. In a 4 year project supported by the 4TU federation, the members of the initiative will strengthen the 4TU position excellent entrepreneurship education and research. A first research project will start at the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019.