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Projects and Partners

On this page we give more information about NIKOS research and valorization projects and (funding) partners. The current projects such as our NWO funded project Action Repertoire for Distributed Business Models in Inclusive Business Value Chains with Nyenrode, TNO, TNXTO and BoPINC; the EFRO programme Project SPACE53our 4TU Entrepreneurship Education Researchand many more are featured in the tabs on the left. Our research partners include University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship, Qredits, European Investment Bank, De Nederlandse Bank, Team, Golden Egg Check, Soweco, The Next Organisation, NWO, EFRO, EIT, Inreda, Space53, TNO, BOPInc,, Nyenrode Business University and Saxion, as well as the ECIU – European Consortium of Innovative Universities- for our InGenious student driven learning program, the Fraunhofer Project Center and the faculty Engineering Technology. We have a Twitter Data Grant together with the BMS Public Administration Department and the Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, and work on NWO-TTW data together with the faculty of Applied Physics. 

For (external) entrepreneurship education and business development our first partner is NOVEL T, with whom NIKOS is building a new Centre of Entrepreneurship for the University of Twente, to be launched in November 2018. NIKOS is an active member of Dutch CE and DARE and also collaborates with UGCE, the University of Groningen’s Centre of Entrepreneurship of which NIKOS founder Aard Groen is Academic Dean.

At the University of Twente (UT) there has been an active support for business development from the early 80’s. NIKOS has since 2001 supported knowledge development on and dissemination of entrepreneurship, for

Please contact us ( if you need support for your business development, we will then either liaise with NOVEL-T or get back to you directly. In the archive you may find some examples of successful past projects like Kansrijk Eigen Baas and VentureLab.