New courses 2017

"EntrepreneurialU 2016" was great fun! 

Neil Sheridan, the course leader, drafted a Big Book online about the 2016 edition. You can download a copy of the book (it’s 80mb, BTW) using this link.  You’ll be presented the option to download without creating a Dropbox account: EntrepreneurialU 2016 - Book 

If you go to page 459, you’ll see the best from many photographs. These do a very good job of capturing the passion and the fun students and staff had while learning and working. In the book, you’ll see several letters. BMS Faculty Dean Theo Toonen, NIKOS Director Petra De Weerd-Nederhof, Entrepreneurship Professor Aard Groen and Entrepreneurial U courseleader Neil all have a consistent message.  They are excited to see how young people develop their careers and if you wish to learn more about continuing your education and research at Twente, they'd be delighted to tell you about your options and benefits in doing so.

Check Neil's welcome video about the Twente facilities, the Entrepreneurial U program and Dutch culture.

Check the UTwente website for the "curiousU" Summerschool 2017 programme and registration.