Who is who?

Throughout the week, you will encounter many experts across disciplines and with backgrounds in practice, academia and combinations. They are all at your service to make your business idea better. In alphabetical order, we are proud to already announce the following names:

Louise Andrews

Description: Louise AndrewsLouise Andrews is academy facilitator at the Innovation Academy of Trinity College, Dublin. She coaches, manages and supports PhD entrepreneurs in multidisciplinary projects. Having a background in Applied Chemistry, she later developed a fascination and strong expertise in marketing in new product development in small and medium-sized enterprises. She has professional experience in strategic business and marketing in Life Sciences, Technology and Education sectors.

Together with Ruth Kearney, Louise will treat you to a creative entrepreneurial marketing session to learn how to think out of the ordinary.

Marcel van Buren

Ordina is a large Dutch company that offers solutions for outsourcing, ICT and organizational challenges. Marcel van Buren is Director of the Business Solutions division within Ordina and member of Ordina’s Executive Committee. In this role, Marcel is responsible for the development and implementation of new and existing innovative solutions for clients.

Marcel has experience in business development and M&A activities. During previous positions within the Ordina group, Marcel was responsible for setting up new start-ups and also involved in the acquisition and disinvestment of several Ordina companies.

In combination with his legal background and knowledge of capital markets and corporate finance, Marcel can provide valuable advice to participants on various topics. Marcel will take place in the panel and judge the pitches at the end of the week.

Prof. Dr. Aard Groen

Description: http://www.platformpsd.nl/wp/wp-content/uploads/groen.jpgAard Groen has developed numerous business support programs that helped establish and grow hundreds of technology-based firms. The latest, most prominent program is VentureLab International. Aard is regularly asked to advise national and foreign business development organizations. As the director of the Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS), he also leads educational and research programs on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Aard will provide you with all the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial process. As a panel member, he will also judge your business idea at the end of the week.

Nico Höfte

Nico Höfte is business development manager at the company Description: Description: Nico HöftePower-Packer Europa B.V. Power-Packer primarily develops and manufactures (electro) hydraulic actuation systems for the global automotive, truck, marine, agriculture and medical markets. Examples are actuation systems that are used in convertible roof tops of roadsters in the automotive industry and cab tilt systems for truck OEM’s. Power-Packer is global market leader in these segments.

Within Power-Packer the Growth & Innovation department is constantly looking for new growth opportunities and innovations, especially in emerging markets and new vertical markets. As a business developer, Nico is responsible for the ideation and definition of new solution/market combinations, balancing the idea funnel portfolio, and defining the go-to-market strategy of new solutions.

Nico and his colleagues will welcome you at the company premises. They will provide a tour and explain how to go from business idea to first prototype. As a bonus, Nico and his colleagues will organize a brainstorm session on a real challenge.

Richard Jungman

Richard Jungman is the current CEO for MECAL BV in Enschede. He has been instrumental in the success of this high end engineering company which has tripled since he joined the company 3 years ago. MECAL is an international company which specializes in Wind Turbine Designs and Semiconductor Product Development and has offices located throughout the world.

With a diverse background in engineering, environment, law, and management, Richard has a passion for finding potential in underperforming companies. His entrepreneurial and strategic way of thinking turns every problem into an opportunity for growth and success. Richard also takes the time to mentor, coach and help those individuals around him achieve their own success with constructive feedback and encouragement to take on new challenges and seize opportunities.

Richard will help you take a step back from any situation in order to access the critical points in blocking or enabling your ideas, and can help you create a plan of action for an effective path.

Ruth Kearney

Ruth Kearney is the business development manager at the Innovation Academy of Trinity College, Dublin. She coaches, mentors and supports PhD entrepreneurs on multi-disciplinary projects. She has extensive experience in traditional and online marketing with leading organisations in Ireland and Australia. Ruth is especially strong rebranding and the creation of brand identities from scratch, and has worked for some of Ireland’s best known brands.

Together with Louise Andrews, Ruth will treat you to a creative entrepreneurial marketing session to learn how to think out of the ordinary.

Dr. Björn Kijl

Description: http://www.utwente.nl/mb/ba/chairs/ie-nikos/staff/nikos.doc/nikos-41.pngBjörn Kijl has extensive experience in Business modelling, especially in the context of IT companies. He is the founding partner of a business model & investment research boutique that serves tens of thousands of private and professional investors, and actively developing IT businesses in the European community EIT-ICT Labs. Furthermore, he is co-author of the first Dutch bestseller about the famous investor Warren Buffet, and used to be a consultant at eMAXX. On top of that, he remains active in business model research.

Björn will actively assist you in designing and improving your business model.

Ir. Henk Kroon

Henk Kroon makes financial management interesting. Boring numbers and ratios come to life after one lecture of Henk. Being an entrepreneur himself, he knows what he is talking about from all angles.

Henk will teach you the essentials of financial management in entrepreneurial context.

Dr. Barry McMahon

Barry McMahon has seen it all from medical device development to sales. He is an entrepreneur, inventor, lecturer, Chief of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering at Tallaght Hospital, and course co-director at the Description: http://www.innovationacademy.ie/storage/2_Barry%20Mc%20Mahon.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1344006010540Innovation Academy, Trinity College, Ireland. It is his ambition to positively impact human health by leading multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals in projects with practical applications. Medical device innovation is his specialty.

Barry will take a seat in the panel and will judge the pitches at the end of the week. He will provide you with useful feedback and critical questions.

Dr. Pim Paffen

Pim Paffen is partner at the CompetenceDevelopmentCenter. Being a social- and organizational psychologist, he delivers hands-on and applicable trainings on employee and organizational psychology. Pim is specialized in career management, management development, leadership, coaching and stress and publishes on these themes on a regular basis.

Are you an entrepreneur or a manager? What is the difference and what does it mean for the composition of your team? Pim will give the answers.

Nico Schraag

Description: http://www.nicoschraag.nl/images/nicoschraag(2).jpgNico Schraag is an extensively experienced communication, sales and management trainer. He has trained and advised professionals in media, government and even members of the Royal Family. His interactive approach enables people to get outside their comfort zones and learn by doing.

Nico will prepare you thoroughly for your final pitch.

Jaap van Tilburg

Description: http://www.kjb.nl/media/jaapvantilburg.jpgJaap van Tilburg has accumulated almost 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial coaching, especially in start-ups. In fact, he is an entrepreneur himself. From his company Van Tilburg Innovation, he and his staff have advised companies, knowledge institutions and governments in the EU, Turkey, Latin America and Curaçao on their innovation activities. Jaap is also the programme manager of VentureLab International and board member of Top Spin International. Previous board activities were in Technology Circle Twente and the Entrepreneurs’ Association Business & Science Park Enschede.

Jaap will help you to generate the best applications for your idea.

Mark de Vries

Mark de Vries is the CEO of EuroDev, an organic business development organization for American companies that want to expand their businesses in Europe. EuroDev is specialized in health care, retail and industrial markets and serves approximately 150 US and European firms. Mark has realized a 20+% growth in business over the last years, and knows global markets like no other. In former positions, he established and ran a trading organization in Russia, and was an international trade advisor at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the USA.

Mark will critically assess your pitches and provide you with valuable feedback on how to continue.

Mariska Roersen

Description: http://www.utwente.nl/mb/ba/chairs/ie-nikos/staff/nikos.doc/nikos-25.png

Mariska Roersen establishes and manages relations and projects with mainly international companies and universities. She has organized various summer schools and is involved in marketing and international management education.

During and before the summer school, Mariska will be your host and contact person. M.J.Roersen@utwente.nl