The Innovation Academy spurs you into action

For the first time in 2013, the Innovation Academy from Trinity College, Dublin, will contribute to the summer school Entrepreneurship & Technology Venturing. They will host a creative, original and inspiring session on creative entrepreneurship that will be remembered. Some information about the Academy.

The Innovation Academy is an exciting intellectual space where students and academics interact in multi-disciplinary groups with mentors from the public and private sector to develop and nurture creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and teamwork.

The mission of the Innovation Academy is focused upon the pursuit of fresh ideas and new ventures. Through the creation of a vibrant multi-disciplinary environment the Academy seeks to transform some of the brightest scholars into energetic and resourceful entrepreneurial thinkers.

The Academy seeks to spur students into action, encouraging them to embrace new ways of thinking, to develop new perceptions of their postgraduate research and to realise the potential for innovation innate within themselves and within their research.

The Academy will play a central role in the emergence of Ireland as a global hub for innovation, producing graduates that not only have enhanced the breadth of their career prospects, but will aid in the betterment of the Irish economy.