Entrepreneurship & Technology Venturing 2013

About entrepreneurship at the UT

Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente

The University is only 50 years old. And entrepreneurial to the core. Established to enhance the regional development, the university has already spun-out over 800 companies since the mid 1980’s.

The University of Twente has a high-tech, human touch philosophy. It means that we are always looking into how our technological research can contribute to society. This reflects in the organizational structure of the university: every research institute has a scientific director and a business director. Also, entrepreneurship and innovation education is open to students from every discipline. Moreover, the UT is the only Dutch University that has two leading scientists who won both the Simon Stevin Prize (valorisation of research) and the Spinoza Price (new research).

Entrepreneurs have access to various support systems in or around the University. It is a common misconception that these are all student entrepreneurs: most of them are researchers or outside entrepreneurs who are looking for university knowledge.

Kennispark is an umbrella organization to realize an optimal climate for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Twente region with the University of Twente and the University of applied science Saxion. It is located in Business & Science Park Twente. The East Netherlands development agency Oost NV is also situated here.

High-tech, high potentials undergo intensive coaching, tailor-made support in all necessary disciplines and access to networks in VentureLab International.

Innovators in ICT have access to European-wide business development support in EIT-ICT Labs.

Starting entrepreneurs can receive financial relief and access to networks through the TOP position.

Kansrijk Eigen Baas (Successfully becoming your own boss) has helped numerous long-term unemployed towards sustainable self-employment.

Flexible facility space can be rented at BTC, and high-investment facilities such as cleanrooms can be shared in the high-tech factory.

Anyone with specific questions or needs can always contact Kennispark or NIKOS for further assistance.

Partners in Business Development

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