Research Overview


NIKOS research can be clustered around 3 thematic lines: 

  1. Technology Entrepreneurship, which is defined as ‘recognizing, creating and exploiting opportunities, and assembling resources around a technological solution, considering the co-creation of a venture together with the realization of the opportunity. There is a specific research strand on global (High Tech) start-ups and international entrepreneurship, and on social entrepreneurship.
  2. Collaborative Innovation & Networks, concerning (small) business development in (regional) networks, organizing open innovation, innovation impact and university-industry interaction, and new strategy topics such as family firm management, smart industry and Industry 4.0. There is a special sub research line focusing on digital marketing for networked businesses.
  3. Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Leadership: in the start-up context, this research line at NIKOS looks for example at 50+ entrepreneurship and stress in entrepreneurship. We also look at entrepreneurial behaviours and leadership related to how new initiatives are encouraged and sustained in the long-term interest of established organizations. This includes topics of corporate entrepreneurship, institutional entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility.

Check out the personal pages from the NIKOS researchers mentioned under Who-is-who at NIKOS for more details on individual research performance, and the Project and Partners tabs on the left for more information about our research and valorization projects and (funding) partners, which include the University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship, Qredits, European Investment Bank, De Nederlandse Bank, Team Nijhuis,, Golden Egg Check, Soweco, The Next Organization, NWO, EFRO, EIT, Inreda, Space53, TNO, BOPInc,, Nyenrode Business University and Saxion, as well as the ECIU – European Consortium of Innovative Universities- for our InGenious student driven learning program. We have had a Twitter research grant together with the BMS Public Administration Department and the Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, work on NWO-TTW data together with the faculty of Applied Physics, work on business model innovation for drones with ITC, and have joint PhD supervison with the DPM department of the Faculty of Engineering Technology.

ResearcherDr.  Tiago Ratinho