Reseach overview

Reseach overview


NIKOS, the University of Twente’s expert centre for knowledge intensive entrepreneurship is committed to research, education, and valorisation (consultancy & training and business development support). It consolidates the UT’s expertise and experience from the Chairs for Innovative Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategic Management and International Management. The UT’s mission, developing “high-tech with a human touch”, is leading for our activities.

We are committed to excellent research with and for:

  • Bachelor, master and PhD candidates.
  • Universities, companies and policymakers at local, regional or (inter)national levels.

Central in NIKOS’ research is the 4S-model of “entrepreneurship in networks”. The model was developed by professor of Innovative Entrepreneurship, Aard GroenRead more.

NIKOS has a scientific staff of approximately 35.

We cooperate in the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS), in particular the Strategic Research Orientation (SRO) Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

ResearcherDr.  Tiago Ratinho