Prizes & Awards

Twente scores well on Operations Management World Congress

During the recent Operations Management World Congress, which is organized all four years by the European, American and Japanese operations management societies the University of Twente scored well.

Prof. Schiele was awarded the outstanding reviewer award by Emerald, to honour his work for “Supply Chain Management: An International Journal”. The case was, that he was asked as third reviewer for a paper where the two original reviewers were completely disagreeing. In a process following several rounds the paper could finally be improved substantially by including additional analyses. It is nice to see reviewer work being honoured, which is part of academics’ job, but normally does not get recognition.

During the same congress Jasper Veldman, also member of the chair of “Technology Management – Innovation of Operations” got a highly commended paper award for his paper Veldman, J., Wortmann, J.C., Klingenberg, W. (2011). Typology of condition based maintenance. Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, 17 (2), 183-202, again underscoring the high quality of operations management research in Twente.