Announced at NIKOS 15yrs! anniversary seminar

Liana Bruseke and Fanny Schiel won the first NIKOS BSC and MSC Thesis Awards 2016

The awards were brought into existance as part of the NIKOS 15yrs! anniversary festivities. Both students were awarded a prize of euro 250,=

Liana's thesis topic was: The Influence of privacy Perceptions on online Shopping Behaviour - a Comparison between Millenials and Baby Boomers Supervisors were: Raja Singaram and Rik van Reekum. Fanny's thesis topic for her Double Diploma with TUBerlin, was; . The Phenomenon of the Sharing Economy in Germany - Consumer Motivations for Participating in Collaborative Consumption Schemes. She was supervised by Michel Ehrenhard and Knut Blind.

Both students were selected by NIKOS senior staff to be the best theses supervised by NIKOS teachers in the academic year 2015-2016. The NIKOS Thesis Awards will be granted annually.