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Go with your Talent - lecture by Luk De Wulf

NIKOS organizes together with the master programme Business Administration, Study Association STRESS and Alumni Association BEKADER a lecture by Luk de Wulf, on 22 November 2017, 15:45- 17:30, Waaier 3.

In his keynote, Luk Dewulf first makes a distinction between a gap-based and a strengths-based perspective, how both perspectives are part of reality and how the strengths-based perspective builds the resilience of people to deal with challenges in the workplace. He wil give a definition about talent. How you can recognize it, and how you can develop it. He’ll talk about what happens under stress. How people exaggerate their talent, and how they can develop skills to use their talent more effectively. Of course, also, how to handle your weaknesses is part of his story. Based on his research in the past 10 years, Luk Dewulf developed a framework of about 39 talents. During his keynote he will give lots of examples based on daily examples in (work) life. (


The lecture is mandatory for MScBA students following the course Quantitative and Design Methods in Business Research (3EC, 201700036), Bekader Alumni and STRESS master students are invited to join in! All participants receive a code to discover their talents via We all have talents, but we don't always know what they are. As a result, talent is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp - but one that we need to understand if we are to make the most of our lives. Go with your Talent will help you to search for your talent and will allow you to make the right choices once you have found it. The road to self-fulfilment and authenticity means focusing wholeheartedly on the things that you are good at. Paradoxically, this seemingly 'selfish' choice will actually make you more valuable to your environment. Going with your talent acts as a kind of life insurance, helping you to maintain your desire to work and learn, even when you get older! Go with your Talent tells you how to apply these principles at the office, in university and in life in general.

Registration deadline (in order to obtain the code for MyTalentBuilder on time*): 12 November 2017    /

For more information, please contact: MScBA students:; Bekader Alumni: Stress Members:

*Note: MScBA students will get their codes via de BBsite of the course Quantitative and Design Methods in Business Research).

Date: 22 November 2017, Time: 15:45- 17:30, Location: Vrijhof, Amphitheater