Nov. 17 NIKOS 15YRS! GEW VentureClass Social Entrepreneurship via Product Co Creation

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Social Entrepreneurship via Product Co Creation

Christof Hawle 
Juan Jauregui Becker

THURSDAY November 17, 2016

19.15 – 22.00 (DOORS OPEN & COFFEE FROM 19.15 – CLOSING DRINK)

ENSCHEDE, the Gallery - Erlemeyer 

Christof and Juan will discuss the role of business incubation processes for supporting people living in deprived conditions. While Christof will focus on his experience working with refugees in the Netherlands through his social business DeliteLabs, Juan will explain how the Product Co Creation Centres projects of the University of Twente is installing incubation living labs that impact positively a community while enabling doing research on topics like social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

About the speakers

Christof Hawle

Christof’s current enterprise is to create a non-profit startup school to foster entrepreneurship in regions with high youth unemployment. To realize this, he spends H2 2015 in Valencia, Spain, to get the pilot off the ground.

DELITELABS offers a 5 weeks program, that provides a safe zone for aspiring entrepreneurs to foster business skills as well as personal development. Christof enjoys working with and encouraging young people. Hence the motivation to create DELITELABS: combining his professional skills of business model innovation, with the passion to work with young people and the drive to make a societal impact. DELITELABS has been nominated by Duurzame Dinsdag (Annual Dutch sustainability prizes where initiatives get presented to the Dutch cabinet).

As a management consultant, Christof has helped multinational, predominantly chemical and petrochemical companies over the past 10 years with their business transformations. His activities in other industries include consumer electronics, aviation, banking, health-care, and logistics. His work spanned across a variety of functional areas, from marketing and sales excellence to operations and supply chain topics, as well as R&D, innovation, and strategy. Over the past few years he has specialized in combining this broad experience into a holistic view on (digital) business model innovation and transformation. Since 2014, he has assumed the competence group lead for the BNL Capgemini Consulting practice of business model transformation.

Juan Manuel Jauregui

Juan is a Venezuelan national with undergraduate studies in Venezuela and Italy and a PhD in Design engineering at the University of Twente.  As an assistant professor at the design department of the University of Twente, he has researched the implementation of the Lean methodology in Product Development, working in close cooperation with Dutch high tech companies (e.g. Oce, PHILIPS, Tebodin). In joint venture with Business and Administration Department (NIKOS) and Sustainable Development Department (CSTM), Mr. Jauregui has been working on PC3 (Product Co Creation Centers), which is a design driven business accelerator for entrepreneurs coming from deprived conditions.

TEDxTwenteU: The Power of Product Development


19.15 – doors open and coffee

19.45 – introductions

20.00 – lecture and discussion

21.00 – drinks

22.00 – closing

Registration for this event is mandatory

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