DELITELABS & Enschede Refugee Entrepreneurship Initiative (EREI)

The venture class on 13 October will begin with pitch sessions by teams from DELITELABS. DELITELABS aims to encourage entrepreneurship in areas with high levels of youth unemployment and among disadvantaged young people, such as refugees. Eighteen refugees are currently taking part in the DELITELABS programme in the Netherlands. The University of Twente has invited the participants to attend the DesignLab for a week, where they will be assisted with the development of prototypes for their products and services. DELITELABS is the nominated charity for the NIKOS anniversary celebrations. Proceeds will go towards establishing EREI, a joint venture by DELITELABS and University of Twente. During the venture class that evening, Ray Quintana (Cottonwood Technology Fund) will give a presentation entitled ‘Internationalizing World Class Early Stage Funding’, together with the founder of NIKOS, Prof. Aard Groen.

Anniversary donations to DELITELABS: Stichting Delitelabs, Oude Waal 4E,

NL39 TRIO 0390 9747 14