For UT’s Master programme MSc Business Administration, NIKOS coordinate two of the specialisations and also provide 2 of the premaster courses:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy (EIS) – NIKOS also coordinates the double diploma with TU Berlin.
  • Strategic Marketing Management (SMM) – also with a double diploma Marketing Management at Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • Marketing for Digital Businesses: this is a new shared specialization line as part of SMM, offered together with the master programme MSc Communication Studies that offers the specialisation Digital Marketing and Communication. 
  • NIKOS courses are also part of the International Management and Digital Busines specialisations. 

Look here for more on the MScBA master programme and double diploma’s:

NIKOS in MSc Business Administration:

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership and Responsible Organisation Design (ELROD) – coordinator and teacher Michel Ehrenhard also taught by Niina Erkama. This course is one of the three core courses, and mandatory for all.
  • International Entrepreneurship – a strategic technology perspective – elective Q1: teacher Rainer Harms.
  • B-B Marketing – elective Q1: teacher Raymond Loohuis. 
  • Global Strategy and Business Development - elective Q3: teachers Raymond Loohuis, Jeroen Sempel and Hanna Hanna 
  • Advanced Topics in Digital Marketing - elective Q3: teachers Efthymios Constantinides and Anna Priante.


  • Global Entrepreneurship and Business – Q2 and Q4: Martin Stienstra, Joris Heuven and Bjorn Kijl  
  • Research in Strategy and Marketing – Q2 and Q4: Agata Leszkiewicz, Hanna Hanna, Carolina Herrando and Ariane von Raesfeld Meijer.

Other UT Master programmes:

NIKOS teachers are involved in the Nano Technology Design Project for MSc Nano Technology (Rainer Harms/Kjartan Sigurdsson), the Business Development Lab and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Basics for EIT – among others for Computer Science students (Rainer Harms, Jeroen Sempel and Koen Kuijpers), as well as in the master Chemical Engineering (Liqin Brouwers-Ren). Students from other programmes like MSc Business & IT, Industrial Design Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are encouraged and allowed by their programme management to choose NIKOS electives. Last but not least, Raymond Loohuis is involved in the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert Programme on Shaping Responsible Futures

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