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Office: RA 2410
T: +31 53 489 3023

At the moment Pieter Terlouw is scientific director of NOBEM (Netherlands Organization for research in Business Economics and Management), secretary of IFSAM (International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management). He also is associate director of studies for business administration with a special focus on quality and accreditation for the complete faculty, docent of several courses, and doing research in various fields of business administration.

A special focus is and always will be on management and education. At the moment a large focus is on training Ph.D. students.

Curriculum vitae

Pieter Terlouw has an engineering degree in mathematics (specialization: mathematical and applied statistics), received from the Technical University of Delft, and did his Ph.D. in the social sciences at the University of Groningen. He worked as a teacher at a secondary school in mathematics (Wageningen), as a research assistant in Groningen, at a teachers college in Groningen as a docent in mathematics, statistics, information sciences and didactics. From the beginning of the nineties as an assistant and an associate professor in quantitative methods at the faculty of Business Administration of the University of Groningen. During the last five years two large projects were his main tasks: the curriculum assessment of the Faculty of business administration of the University of Groningen and the design and implementation of the curriculum in business administration in the Faculty of Technology and Management of the University of Twente. From 2001 he became scientific director of NOBEM, and at the end of 2003 he was again offered a position as a part time associate professor in business research methods, but now at the University of Twente. In 2005 he also became associate director of studies for business administration.

Research interests

Main fields are: decision making under uncertainty (both the mathematical and the social sciences sides), methodology (both empirical and design), management and education (different programs for different students in business administration, varying from bachelors to Ph.D. programs), modeling (especially the process of modeling), and business development.

Outside the scientific field he has gained expertise in administration and policy by serving, chairing a lot of boards.

Teaching responsibilities

At the moment courses are taught in modeling, methodology (especially design methodology), the final integration project in the bachelor and several parts of courses for Ph.D. students.


Examples of publications with respect to the mentioned research interests:

Decision making under uncertainty

  • P. Terlouw (1989) Subjective Probability Distributions: a psychometric approach, Ph. D. dissertation, University of Groningen.
  • P.C. Muller, Van Engelen, J.M.L., Sierts, K., and P. Terlouw (1997), Groupware in product development setting: creating a common language in multi-functional and multi-disciplinary work groups, Social sciences Cost A3, vol. 3, Management and Network Technology, Luxemburg.

Business Development

  • P.C. Muller, Van Engelen, J.M.L., and P. Terlouw (1996) computer Augmented cooperative Concept Development: A New Product development perspective on information system development, SOM research report 96B20, Groningen.
  • J.M.L. van Engelen, Kiewiet, D.J. and P. Terlouw (2001) Improving performance of product development teams through polarity management, Journal of International Studies of Management and Organisation, vol. 31, no.1, p. 46-63.


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Methodology, management and education

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