Dr. Liqin Ren

Liqin Brouwers-Ren
Dr. L. (Liqin) Brouwers-Ren
Assistant ProfessorOffice: RA 2212
T: +31 53 489 4128
E: l.ren@utwente.nl>> Go to publications directlyLiqin Ren is currently lecturer at the School of Management and Governance, specializing in Asian business and management. She has been lecturer at Hunan University (China), and then the Japanese government scholarship researcher at Chiba University (Japan) for one year and a half. She started her PhD in October 1999 at the University of Twente and completed in April 2004. Since then, she has been a post-doc researcher and then a lecturer. Her research focuses on the management of technical innovation in the Chinese (state-owned) enterprises, the relationship between the government and the SOEs, and the Chinese firms as complex adaptive systems in the process of the Chinese economy in transition.KEY ACTIVITIES AT THE UT

  • Lecturer of Organization Theory and Design course
  • Lecturer of Organization & Management of Asian Companies course
  • Lecturer of Chinese Language course of the UT
  • Supervisor of bachelor and master students
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China project partner (NSFC Project No: 71173066, 2012.01-2015.12)
  • Initiator and Program Manager of the joint International MBA Program offered by the University of Twente (The Netherlands) and Hunan University (China)
  • Core player in the KNAW project Management of Technical Innovation of the Chinese Firms in the Transition Economy (project number: 05CDP022) and its follow-up (project number: 08CDP033)
  • Core player in the EU Asia-Link project Managing Implementation of Enterprise Information Systems (project number: ASIE/2005/105-567)
  • Evaluator of the international students that apply for the MSc Business Administration program of the School of Management and Governance
  • Co-organizer and lecturer of the Asian Business and Governance module
  • Member of the China Expert Group of the UT and “Internationalisering Groep” of the School of Management and Governance
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  • Member of China Association for Management of Technology
  • Member of Europe-Asia Management Studies Association