Dr. T. (Tiago) Ratinho MSc

T. Ratinho MSc. (Tiago)

T. Ratinho MSc. (Tiago)
PhD student

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Room: RA 2274
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E: t.ratinho@utwente.nl


Impact of Business Support Services

The main goal of this research is to assess what is the role of business incubators services in the success of their incubatees. The cases will be chosen preferentially among the Nensi partners – North European Network of Services Incubators. Data will be collected within the Nensi project which has 10 partners and encompasses 12 service incubators in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and France.


  • 2006. MSc in Engineering Policy and Management of Technology, Technical Superior Institute, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. Thesis: The Role of Science Parks and Business Incubators in Promoting Innovation: the Portuguese Case
  • 2002. Graduation in Energy and Industrial Production Engineering - Energy and Environment, University of Évora, Portugal.
  • Final Paper: Modelling, Control and Field Tests in an Experimental Irrigation Canal


  • “Science Parks: Picking Winners or Building Innovation? Evidence from the Portuguese Case Study”, submitted to the XXIV IASP World Conference on Science and Technology Parks - Creative Jobs and Creative Companies - Key Factors for Growth and Competitiveness, July 2nd-4th 2007, Barcelona, Spain
  • “Science Parks and Business Incubators: The Portuguese Case”, T. Ratinho, E. Henriques & L. Maltez, accepted in the UKSPA 2007 conference “Maximising the value of the global knowledge-base – are we doing enough?”, February 1st and 2nd, 2007, , Edinburgh, UK
  • “The Role of Quality Management in Innovation: Preliminary Research and an Agenda for Future Research”, T. Ratinho and E. Henriques, 9th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation “Science, Society and Sustainability”, June 19th-21st, Santorini, Greece
  • “Modelling, Control and Field Tests On A Experimental Irrigation Canal”, T. Ratinho, J. Figueiredo, M. Rijo, 10PthP Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, July 9th-12th, 2002, Lisbon, Portugal


  • September 2006 : February 2007. Management Consultant at QIS, Lisbon, Portugal
    Implementation of Quality Management Systems for ISO 9001 external certification; Outsourced Quality Manager.
  • December 2005 : … Researcher at IDMEC – Mechanic Engineering Institute, IST, Technical University of Lisbon
    Research in the Role of Quality Management practices in Innovation in the Portuguese Mouldmaking industry; research in the Role of Science Parks and Business Incubators in promoting Innovation in Portugal
  • December 2005 : June 2006. Trainee/Consultant at EIB – European Investment Bank, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    Elaboration of study about the economic impacts of Science Parks and Business Incubators in Portugal: Literature review and conceptual framework of the topic (Innovation and R&D Policy Regional Development); Survey conducting (questionnaire design, data analysis, phone interviews); Case study construction for Portugal.
  • February 2004 : November 2005. Freelance Consultant
    Implementation of Quality Management Systems for ISO 9001 external certification, Internal Auditor, Trainer.