R. (Roel) Pieper

Roel Pieper

Prof. Ir. Roel Pieper

CEO PDX (Pursuit Dynamics Ltd, UK (AIM))
Professor of Electronic Commerce at the University of Twente

Dutch MSc degree, cum laude, in mathematics and computer science from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Business career

Chief Technology Officer, Software AG in Germany and USA [1980-1989]
CEO of AT&T's Unix Systems Laboratories [1990-1993]
CEO of UB Networks (Ungermnann-Bass Inc) [1993-1995]
CEO of Tandem Computers [1995-1998]
Executive VP, Board Member Philips Electronics [1998-1999]
Chairman and Founder Favonius Ventures [2000-2008]
CEO Eclipse Aviation [2008-2009]
CEO Pursuit Dynamics PLC. [2009-now]

Public Private partnerships: In 2001 at the request of the Dutch government, Pieper developed a differentiated kilometer road pricing system, then called Mobimiles, which enables a per-use road payment system based on time, location and environment aspects. This system was presented to the EU commission and has been at the basis of road pricing architectures in Europe. Newsweek and Time magazine reported on the architecture under the title “Tax Man in the Sky”. From 2001-2007, Pieper was Chairman of the Board of Connekt, an independent, innovative platform for mobility, in which government institutions and private parties are being brought together for various road pricing and tolling projects.

Sports: In 2007, Pieper acquired the Premier League Basketball club Amsterdam with a group of investors from which various social and educational projects have been started. The two seasons 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 the basketball club Amsterdam regained the National Championship title of the Netherlands. 

Education and Academic career

MSc Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Delft [1980]

Professor of Ecommerce and Ebusines, University of Twente [2000 – now]