Dr. R.P.A. (Raymond) Loohuis, MBA

Assistant professor of Organization Studies & Strategic Marketing
Dr. R.P.A. (Raymond) Loohuis MBA
Office: RA 2276


Developing and implementing value driven and innovative strategies and practices has long time been considered a key task for managers. Nowadays, such strategies are increasingly developed and implemented in collaborative relationships, for instance in the private sector but also increasingly in public and hybrid sectors such as healthcare. My research interest is driven by the desire to understand the internal dynamics of the emergence and change of such strategies, identify its key mechanisms and processes and on that basis, disclose the main challenges for responsible managers. 

Before Raymond joined academia and developed his current research interest, he has been working for 15 years in various Marketing and Sales Management positions in the international Automotive and Aviation industry. Combining professional management experience and state of the art academic knowledge in the field of interest has been proven beneficial for both his teaching activities and research.


  • Routine dynamics, agency and practice theory
  • Sociomateriality in technology development
  • Service Dominant Logic & Phenomenology in Customer value research 
  • Institutional theory and logics
  • Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) and  “praxis” of Strategy Making
  • Interactions from the Businesses as Networks approach (IMP)


Raymond holds a PhD in Business Administration (Management and Organizational Development) from the University of Twente that he obtained in 2015. Previously, he obtained a MBA in Innovation and Leadership at the TSM Business School in the Netherlands. In addition, Raymond holds an University Teaching Qualification Certificate (UTQ) which he obtained in 2015. Furthermore, he coordinates the double degree program in Strategic Marketing Management jointly offered by the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the University of Twente. He is also coordinator of the track Strategic Marketing & Business Information (SMBI) as one of the five tracks of the Master in Business Administration program offered by the University of Twente. He primarily teaches/coordinates courses in the areas strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship in BSc, Pre-Masters and  MSc programs in Business Administration at the University of Twente. Besides, he also teaches Executive Master in Risk Management, a part-time Master program of the University of Twente. Next to teaching, Raymond supervises Bachelor and Master students working on their thesis assignments and also PhD students in the role of co-promotor. Finally, Raymond is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Industrial Marketing Management Journal (Elsevier).


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