Dr ir J. (Jeroen) Kraaijenbrink

Dr. ir J. (Jeroen) Kraaijenbrink
Associate professor

Office: RA2107
T: +31 (0)6 531 631 04
F: +31 (0)53 489 3919
E: j.kraaijenbrink@utwente.nl

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Jeroen Kraaijenbrink has a part-time position as associate professor of strategic entrepreneurship at the University of Twente. Next to this, he is an independent strategy lecturer, consultant, and writer. He has MSc degrees in public administration and industrial engineering & management and a PhD in management from the University of Twente. He also has been visiting scholar at the University of Virginia and the University of Minnesota.

As lecturer Jeroen teaches strategy in the executive MBA programs of TSM Business School and Amsterdam Business School. And as consultant, Jeroen supports large and medium-sized organizations in strategy generation and execution. Based on scientific insights into strategy, entrepreneurship, and business modeling, and his experience with for-profit and non-profit organizations, Jeroen has developed a new approach to strategy, which he applies in his consulting activities. Unlike conventional approaches, this approach is based on a creative, interactive, and emergent view on strategy rather than based on extensive analysis and planning.

As writer, Jeroen has published internationally in various books and journals including Knowledge Management Research & Practice, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Journal of Management. His most recent book, The Strategy Handbook, is a practical and refreshing guide for making strategy work.


Jeroen’s research focuses on how management science can enable strategic managers and entrepreneurs to make better decisions and take better actions. Particularly, he studies the tension between science on the one hand and strategy and entrepreneurship on the other. While science attempts to explain the rules and regularities that structure the world, strategic managers and entrepreneurs are supposed to do exactly the opposite: being different, creating new rules, and deviating from the normal paths. This tension triggers fundamental questions about the nature of strategic management, entrepreneurship and management science. In answering these questions, Jeroen studies the nature and quality of strategy frameworks and tools as they are taught worldwide in MBAs. In doing so, he builds on insights from pragmatist approaches to economics, sociology and philosophy.


Journal papers

  • Ratinho, T., J. Kraaijenbrink & J. Oude Luttikhuis (2014), Towards a Taxonomy of Entrepreneurial Strategies: Evidence from US High-Tech Venture Business Plans, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, In press
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  • Kraaijenbrink, J., Engineers and the Web (2007): An Analysis of Real Life Gaps in Information Usage, Information Processing & Management, 43(5), pp1368-1382


  • Kraaijenbrink, J. (2015), The Strategy Handbook. Part 1: Strategy Generation.
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Book Chapters

  • Kraaijenbrink, J. (2012), The Nature of the Entrepreneurship Process: Causation, Effectuation, and Pragmatism, in R. Oakey et al. (eds.), New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium, Emerald, pp187-199
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Conference Papers (2012-)

  • Kraaijenbrink J. (2014), Improving Strategy Research: A Review and Assessment of Initiatives, Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society, 20-23 September, Madrid, Spain
  • Ratinho, T., J. Kraaijenbrink & J. Oude Luttikhuis (2014), Towards a Taxonomy of Entrepreneurial Strategies: Evidence from US High-Tech Venture Business Plans, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, 4-7 June, London, Canada
  • Lowik, S., J. Kraaijenbrink, & A.J. Groen (2013), How Absorptive Capacity Is More Than the Sum of its Parts: A Multi-Level Configurational Study of Micro-Foundations, Annual meeting of the Academy of Management, 9-13 August, Orlando, US
  • Kaffka, G.A. & J. Kraaijenbrink (2013), Sense-Making of Legitimate Venture Identity: About the Development of the Entrepreneur’s External Orientation During Business Opportunity Preparation’, INSEAD-OMT-ASQ Conference on ‘Organization Theory and New Venture Creation’, 5-6 January, Singapore
  • Kaffka, G.A., I. Singaram, & J. Kraaijenbrink (2012), Making and Breaking Sense: About the Intersubjective Nature of Entrepreneurial Judgment, RENT XXVI Conference ‘Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business’, 21-23 November, Lyon, France
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