M. Koers-Stuiver, MSc

Marlies Stuiver

Marlies Koers-Stuiver, MSc.
PhD Researcher

Office: RA 2101
T: +31 (0) 53 489 2372
E:  d.m.koers-stuiver@utwente.nl 
LI: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/marliesstuiver


MSc BA – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

BBA (Saxion) Management, Economie en Recht


Conference Presentations

  • Stuiver, D.M. and Groen, A.J. “Setting the stage for social user entrepreneurship: a systematic literature review on user entrepreneurship in relation to social entrepreneurship (2015).
    Paper presented at:
    • The Open User Innovation conference and Doctoral consortium in Lisbon (2015)
    • The 25th Doctoral Summer School on technology management, EASIM, University of Twente (2015)
  • Stuiver, D.M, Groen, A.J, Eherenhard, M.L. (2015) Reviewing the literature: From Lead User Innovator to Social User-Entrepreneur. Paper Presented at the High Tech Small Firm Conference in Groningen 2015
    *Best Junior Researcher Award
  • Stuiver, D.M, Groen, A.J, Ehrenhard, M.L, (2014) From Lead User to Lead Social Entrepreneur in Social-Economic Deprived Regions (BOP) Presented at the 11th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference


  • Social entrepreneurship by innovating (lead) users
  • (Social) Entrepreneurship stimulation in deprived regions based on the insights from (lead) user innovation, user entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
  • The Product Co-creation Centre(PC3), see website:


  • Strategy and Marketing (2014 – current)
  • Global strategy and marketing (2014/2015)
  • Strategy, Marketing & Economics (2015)
  • Thesis supervision (2014 – current)