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the University of Twente’s department foR Entrepreneurship, STRATEGY & Innovation
Management (NIKOS-ESIM)

Petra de Weerd in UT Special NIKOS 15 years 1-12- 2016

Founded in 2001, NIKOS - Nederlands Instituut voor Kennisintensief OndernemerSchap (Netherlands Institute for Knowledgeintensive Entrepreneurship) is one of the first academic centers for Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

Research and Teaching

The NIKOS staff in the Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation Management department at the entrepreneurial University of Twente cluster their research endeavours in 3 thematic lines: (1) Technology Entrepreneurship (2) Collaborative Innovation & Networks and (3) Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Leadership. NIKOS is responsible for all entrepreneurship education at UT on bachelor and master level, including a one year master specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy and a Double Diploma in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship with TUBerlin.

Entrepreneurship into practice

We offer a successful summer school called EntrepreneurialU, and a 30 credits minor which is also available for (HBO) students from other universities via KiesOpMaat. NIKOS has close ties with VentureLab International, offering a research-based business development programme for technology-based startups and a business growth accelerator for well-established high-tech companies. NIKOS works together with 2 other departments in the PC3 initiative (Product Co Creation Centres for Bottom of the Pyramid).

To students interested in Entrepreneurship, the University of Twente and Saxion both offer education related to Entrepreneurship. For 2016 – 2017, an ‘Activity Roadmap for the Entrepreneurial Student’ was made. The roadmap can be found here.

Please contact us if your business development needs support, training, research or consultancy.


In 2016 NIKOS celebrated its 15th anniversary with a Seminar on Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Networked Business and a series of 10 Masterclasses and 5 VentureClasses: Details can be found here.

Aard Groen in UT Special NIKOS 15 years 1-12-2016

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