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Erasmus+ website (1.0) Your gateway to all things Erasmus+ at the UT

SOIR is proud to present the new Erasmus+ pages that connect all essential E+ information on the UT website, and informs readers on the wide range of Erasmus+ activities at UT.

This new gateway connecting all E+ project and E+ programme information contributes to the visibility of Erasmus+ at UT and improved dissemination of E+ results. Further, we hope to inspire colleagues and students to participate in Erasmus+ programme. 

Help us improve

As this is our first launch, we intend to update frequently based on your feedback. So, please do share your thoughts on this website. Also, in case of any questions, or should you wish to know more, please contact us. And if you note an error, broken links or typos, we also welcome you to reach out to SOIR.