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First Newsletter of BMS Teaching Academy online Activities in near future+ news on teacher talent development offer

The BMS Teaching Academy’s first Newsletter is available and includes the announcements and invitations for activities in near future.

Through its activities, the BMS Teaching Academy aims at stimulating Inspiration by sharing experiences and joint development of educational innovation.

After a successful first round of Enhanced Learning by Digitalization, a coached training for the development and effective use of educational video’s, a new round will start on 30 August 15:30-17:00.  Teachers who want to participate are requested to register as soon as possible via Enhanced Learning by Digitalization!
A short preview of the benefits of educational videos will be given via the 3rd Tea Time webinar on Tools on 26 August, 15:00-15:45. 

Community building and continuing professional development in teaching will be given special attention in the coming period. 

The Newsletter is attached and published on the website as is the event calendar.